Business Analytics as a Service

In the present age, organisations offer similar products and services using comparable technology and geographical advantages, resulting in a crowded and highly competitive marketplace. All this has brought more focus on being able to execute business with increasing efficiency and effectiveness and make smarter timely business decisions, with the use of business analytics. With an aim of providing our customers with distinct business advantage, we at Right Steps Consultancy provide Business Analytics as a Service.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We have a pool of highly skilled and trained data scientists who use mathematical and statistical modelling techniques along with data mining processes to enable our customers to unearth valuable insights from their data.

We use data mining and predictive analytical methods (e.g. Affinity Analysis, Classification, Regression, and Artificial Neural Network) to build analytical models for each outcome. Once a model is validated and tested we focus on deriving insights and the use of appropriate data visualisation techniques to present the results to the business stakeholder.

Robotic Process Automation

Right Steps deliver solutions for planning, monitoring and predicting key metrics such as credit risk, cash flow, payables, collections and reporting efficiency. It provides enterprise-class business intelligence, reports, visualizations, analysis and forecasting capabilities for managing functions like Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Financial Performance & Analysis and others.

This data-driven way enables re-engineering of key business process functions to provide analytics and visibility solutions for greater control and generation of savings.

We use a combination of Machine learning, AI and Text Mining techniques to deliver analytical solutions which can be seamlessly integrated with existing business processes to deliver robotic process automation thus improving impact quality, efficiency and productivity.

Text Mining

Text analytics can help an organization derive potentially valuable business insights from text-based content like documents, web-pages social media feeds. It involves mining unstructured data with natural language processing (NLP), statistical modelling and machine learning techniques, which can be challenging because natural language text is often inconsistent.

We offer text mining services like Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Extraction and Document Summarization. These techniques are applied to text content (for e.g. Legal Contracts, RSS/Twitter/Facebook feeds, medical case papers) which is a pre-cursor to advanced techniques like Risk Analytics, Market Analytics, Clinical Research, Healthcare Planning and so on.



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