Sproutlogix Forms Strategic Alliance with Right Steps Consultancy

Pune, India – Dec2017: Sproutlogix, a technology disruptor in talent management, recently formed a strategic alliance with Right Steps Consultancy to expand its intelligent data analytics and business reporting capabilities.

Right Steps was conceptualized to help businesses plan for strategic growth with their extensive technology and consulting experience. They have in-depth knowledge of statistical and mathematical modeling. As Srinivasan Shridharan, Founder and CEO of Right Steps Consultancy, highlights, “This alliance brings together best-in-class technology abilities to accelerate our growth. In a data driven world, our strengths allow clients to make decisions by relying on statistical information rather than a gut feeling, thus improving accuracy tremendously.”

For Sproutlogix, this alliance allows it to extend its rich data and reporting capabilities by adding strong industry veterans with deep expertise in the statistical modeling space. As Sunny Dave, Chief Product Officer of Sproutlogix mentions, “This alliance will help provide our customers with cutting edge analytical capabilities. Our objective is to help companies retain their good employees. With our data models, clients can make informed data driven decisions by understanding various prescriptive behavior patterns of an employee.”

About Sproutlogix

Sproutlogix, founded in 2016, is a technology disruptor in talent management. The company is focused on transforming talent management with AI based tool, actionable analytics and research-backed behavior analysis.

Right Steps Ranked First in the Fire 2017 Competition

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our team – Srinivasan Shridharan, Yogesh Kulkarni and Rishabh Patil.

Paper published at the FIRE-2017 Conference can be viewed here http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2036/T3-8.pdf

1st in the FIRE 2017 competition

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Right Steps is PROUD to announce that it has been ranked 1st in the FIRE 2017 competition conducted by Information Retrieval Society of India (IRSI – collaboration between Indian Institute of Science (IISc), ISI, Kolkata , Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology) in the Information Retrieval from Legal Documents (IRLeD) track.

1st in the 'Catchphrase Extraction' task

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Right Steps has been ranked 1st (out of 10 competitors) in the ‘Catchphrase Extraction’ task.

8th in the 'Precedence Retrieval' task

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Right Steps has been ranked 8th (out of 23 competitors) in the ‘Precedence Retrieval’ task