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Crypto ConsultationExchange Services

Right Credit

RIGHTCREDIT is an AI product to assist financial institutions in making right credit decisions and predict future bad debts during certain time intervals.

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Right Insure

RIGHTINSURE is an AI based product to detect agent retention and fraudulent claims. RIGHTINSURE follows the similar framework as RIGHTDECISION.

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Right Decision

Deciding loan eligibility for customers is a responsible task. RIGHTDECISION is an AI based product to cater needs of banks when it comes to decision making for loan to be given to customers. 

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Right Extract

Legal review process and decrypting legal documents involves immense manual efforts and makes it extremely time consuming. 

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Right Record

RIGHTRECORDS is an application that helps organizations to merge their data bases seamlessly without duplication. 

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Right Mask

Protecting customer information is of paramount importance for financial institutions, RIGHTMASKING encodes customer sensitive information before even starting working on it

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