RIGHTCREDIT is an AI product to assist financial institutions in making right credit decisions and predict future bad debts post disbursal. RIGHTCREDIT has a compilation of various complex Machine Learning algorithms which can address varied credit and delinquency related reporting and decision making processes.

Real-time credit decisioning

  • A comprehensive assessment based on Customer demographic details, financial history and loan details.
  • RIGHTCREDIT provides a score by analyzing past credit decisioning and loan default trends.
  • A comprehensive reporting tool which provides causal analysis linked to credit decisions.

Predict Bad Debt:

  • RIGHTCREDIT provides early warning indicators for loan accounts likely to default.

RIGHTCREDIT, through causal analysis, enables generation of customer specific intervention action.


RIGHTINSURE is an AI based product to detect agent retention and fraudulent claims.  RIGHTINSURE follows the similar framework as RIGHTDECISION which as follows.

7 steps framework followed in RIGHTINSURE –

  • Data procurement.
  • Data cleansing.
  • Applying derived parameters.
  • Application of rules.
  • Application of threshold.
  • Calculation.
  • Arriving at decision.


Reviewing a legal document or decrypting one is a tough task. It involves immense manual efforts and makes it extremely time consuming. RIGHTEXTRACT is an AI based product helps to automate the legal review process. It uses complex algorithm and machine learning techniques which allow lawyers to identify all relevant clauses from each document with accuracy and ease.  It gives you swift result and assists you like a legal assistant.

  • Extract valuable data intelligently and efficiently
  • The feedback received from extracted clauses makes the model self-learning
  • Extract hierarchies within paragraphs and cross-reference to other paragraphs in the same contract
  • Document Linkage to enable identification of all contractual documents linked to the two parties. E.g. MSA and SOWs, ISDA MSA and CSAs
  • Uncover hidden operational costs
  • Reduce time of audit/review of contracts and processes


RIGHTDECISION is a framework which enables rapid model development. Models can be developed in a matter of days rather than months thus improving time to market. It is underpinned by an algorithm that automatically evaluates the best fit model from a proven set of Machine Learning techniques based on the data linked to specific business process being modelled.


  • Improve time to market – model development effort brought down from months to days
  • Process variety of data – ability to process data from multiple data sources (RDBMS, NoSQL, Text Files, HDFS, Messages Streams
  • Causal Analysis with predictions – Along with the predictions RightDecision generates the key drivers that lead to the model’s decision, enabling business users to determine next best action at a customer/account/record level.


RIGHTRECORD is an application that helps organizations to merge their data bases seamlessly without duplication. Data duplication can be a result of typographical errors, mergers & acquisitions or customer/supplier contacts across disconnected business systems. Having duplicate customers/suppliers in an organization can result in cost overruns and wasted effort. RIGHTRECORD enables customers in identifying such duplicate instances. It can work across business systems and within a dataset identifying duplicates.


Protecting customer information is of paramount importance for financial institutions, RIGHTMASKING encodes customer sensitive information before even starting working on it, and this ensures complete confidentiality of customer data.  This data is decoded only after processing by respective financial institutions.